Are Rowing Machines A Good Investment?

It is now possible to buy all kinds of different fitness equipment for your home, whether it’s a simple exercise bike, a set of dumbbells or a fully functional home gym, for instance. So with so many different products to choose from, is it still worth investing in a rowing machine? Well I own one […]

What To Eat Before, During And After Exercise

If you are struggling to see any real results, despite the fact that you are always working out in your local gym, it probably isn’t your exercise regime that’s the problem. It could well be your overall diet that’s holding you back. Many people spend lots of time learning about which exercises are likely to […]

Some New Abs Exercises For You To Try

If you have ever tried developing your abs muscles in order to get a great-looking 6-pack, you will probably be aware of some of the most common exercises you can do, such as sit-ups, crunches and of course the plank exercise. However you may not be aware of some of the exercises featured in this […]

5 Ways To Reduce Boredom When Using An Exercise Bike

Many people are drawn to the idea of buying an exercise bike and working out at home, but these same people will quickly discover just how boring is can be pedalling away for 25-30 minutes or more on one of these machines. Exercise bike workouts are great for toning and weight loss, and will really […]

Calories Burned Per Hour For Various Different Exercises And Workouts

Have you ever gone for a long walk in the country and wondered how many calories you’ve just burned off? Maybe you’ve sat on an exercise bike for an hour and wondered the same thing because the calorie counters on exercise bikes are notoriously inaccurate. Well the graphic to the right, which I have recently […]

The Best-Selling Exercise Bike In June 2014

June may not exactly be the peak month for sales of exercise bikes, or indeed any other form of exercise equipment because lots of people will be looking to exercise outdoors during the summer months. However the fact is that exercise bikes are always one of the most popular items of home fitness equipment, and […]

A Special Workout For The FIFA Football World Cup 2014

We are now just 2 days away from the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and the start of 4 weeks of wall-to-wall football coverage on TV, with an average of 3 matches being played every single day in the early stages. (Click here to view the full schedule of matches) Whilst this amazing […]

Why You May Be Struggling To Lose Weight At The Gym

Many people enrol with their local gym because they want to build up their strength and become a lot more muscular. However many people join because they simply want to lose a bit of weight. So with access to so many different exercise machines, why do a lot of people still fail to lose any […]

New 20-Minute Total Body Workout From FitnessBlender That You Can Do At Home

I have just been watching a new video on YouTube that is essentially a 20-minute full body workout that you can do at home, and requires no equipment at all other than a coffee table or chair. This workout includes several conventional exercises that most people will be familiar with, such as push ups, planks […]

6 Great Ways To Get Back In Shape This Summer

Well it is now May 2014 and summer is just around the corner, which means that it will soon be possible to do a lot more activities outdoors. So in this article I thought it would be a good idea to discuss 6 ways you can take advantage of this warmer, dryer weather, and successfully […]