5 Reasons Why Exercise Bikes Are Perfect For Beginners

Older woman using an exercise bikeThere are lots of people who go through life with the aim of avoiding any kind of strenuous exercise altogether. However there often comes a time in people’s lives when they feel that they have no option but to start working out, either because of ill health or because they have started to get quite fat and want to lose a few pounds.

The trouble is that this can be quite a daunting prospect. The idea of setting foot inside a gym, which will inevitably be full of strong, muscular men and slender, toned women, is not one that will instantly appeal to many people, which is why many start off by purchasing their own exercise equipment that they can use in the privacy of their own home.

One of the most popular exercise machines is of course the exercise bike, and for good reason because this is unquestionably one of the most effective pieces of exercise equipment that you can buy.

Indeed here are 5 reasons why exercise bikes are perfect for beginners:

1. Low cost

Whilst you can spend $1000 – $2000 on a top-of-the-range gym-standard bike if you really want to, it is possible to buy a really good bike for a fraction of this price nowadays. Indeed one of the top-selling bikes on the market right now in 2014 is a folding bike that delivers a really good workout, and is available for just $149 at the time of writing.

2. Low impact

One of the major benefits of an exercise bike is that you can perform your workouts without any real risk of getting injured. These machines provide you with a low impact form of exercise that is easy on the joints, and therefore suitable for people of all ages.

3. Burns lots of calories

An exercise bike workout may be quite an easy, low-impact form of exercise, but it is still one that is capable of burning several hundred calories per workout. The calorie readings on many exercise bicycles are not always 100% accurate, but you can expect to burn 200-300 calories in one 30-minute workout.

4. Good for fitness, toning and weight loss

As mentioned above, you can burn lots of calories when working out on a stationary bike, which makes them ideal if you are looking to lose weight. However it should also be noted that they will also help boost your overall fitness level, and help tone up your legs and buttocks at the same time.

5. Ideal for people of all shapes and sizes

When you first purchase one of these machines, you will notice that the seat can be adjusted up and down, and in many cases forwards and backwards as well. This basically means that they are suitable for people of all shapes and sizes, and you should have no problem getting started on one of these machines (unless you are freakishly tall or freakishly short).

So hopefully you can see why exercise bicycles are perfect for people new to the whole fitness arena. Over time you may prefer to move on to weights if you are looking to build muscle and increase your core strength, or move on to more physically demanding machines such as treadmills, for instance, but an exercise bike is an ideal way to get started.

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