A Special Workout For The FIFA Football World Cup 2014

We are now just 2 days away from the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and the start of 4 weeks of wall-to-wall football coverage on TV, with an average of 3 matches being played every single day in the early stages.

(Click here to view the full schedule of matches)

Whilst this amazing sporting event will be enjoyed by millions of people all over the world, it is not good from a health and fitness point of view because the majority of people will be spending hours on end slouched in front of their TV, and inevitably eating a lot of unhealthy snacks whilst doing so.

I know that I’m guilty of this myself because I always end up leading a very sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle whenever the World Cup is on, and because some of the matches are on when I would normally be having my evening meal, I have a tendency to skip meals and eat junk food or order a takeaway instead.

So in this article I want to bring to your attention a new video that has recently been posted online that you may find useful.

This video basically provides you with a special football-themed workout that you can perform either during the 15-minute half time period or in the period between matches in order to maintain your current fitness levels and stay in shape.

As you can see if you watch this video below, this is a quick and easy workout, and the only things you need are a football and a little bit of space in your garden to perform these exercises:

This routine will work various different muscle groups, and includes the following exercises:

– 30 cross overs
– 10 plank passes
– 10 leg raises
– 20 squat ball passes
– 10 ball push ups
– 20 Russian twists
– 10 burpee slammers

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