The Best-Selling Exercise Bike In June 2014

Best Selling Exercise Bike In June 2014June may not exactly be the peak month for sales of exercise bikes, or indeed any other form of exercise equipment because lots of people will be looking to exercise outdoors during the summer months.

However the fact is that exercise bikes are always one of the most popular items of home fitness equipment, and there will always be people looking to buy one of these machines throughout the year.

So in this latest article I thought I would see which exercise bike is proving to be the best-seller right now in June 2014, and seeing as Amazon sell so many different models, this was the obvious place to look.

(Note that I’m talking here about conventional upright stationary bikes. If you are looking for the top-selling spin bikes, these are some of the best spinning bikes).

I know that there has been one in particular that has been topping the best-seller lists for many months now, and so I guess it was no surprise that this particular bike is still proving to be the most popular with customers.

The bike in question is of course the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse (pictured above), which we reviewed here a short while ago.

This may not be a top-of-the-range bike, but it is a very practical bike because it can be folded away really easily, and is strong enough to be used by both men and women (up to 300 lbs).

You have to say that this upright exercise bicycle from Exerpeutic is very much an entry-level bike because it has no extra features to speak of. Nevertheless it does provide you with a comfortable workout thanks to its cushioned seat, and an intense workout, if required, because there are 8 levels of magnetic resistance.

It does also come with a pulse monitor, which cannot be said about most of the models in this price bracket, as well as a decent quality LCD display that has clear, easy-to-read numbers.

So based on its low price tag of approximately $150, and the fact that it is generally very well-made and delivers a good all-round workout, it is easy to see why this is still the top-selling exercise bicycle in June 2014.

If you are like me, you may prefer to pay a little more for one that has a lot more features, or pay a little extra for a good quality spinning bicycle, for example. However for many people who just want to work out every so often at home, whether it’s to lose weight or to boost their fitness levels, I think this is quite a good choice of bike.

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