Calories Burned Per Hour For Various Different Exercises And Workouts

Have you ever gone for a long walk in the country and wondered how many calories you’ve just burned off?

Maybe you’ve sat on an exercise bike for an hour and wondered the same thing because the calorie counters on exercise bikes are notoriously inaccurate.

Fitness Facts - Calories Burned Per HourWell the graphic to the right, which I have recently discovered on Pinterest, gives you a good idea of the number of calories you can expect to burn per hour when you perform various different exercises / workouts.

This is based on a sample body weight of 155 lbs, so it will still differ from person to person, but it still acts as a useful guide.

You will see that walking burns off the least amount of calories, as you might expect, but it is still a worthwhile activity if you are trying to lose weight because burning off 245 calories every time you go for a walk should soon start to make a noticeable difference, particularly if you compliment this with a low calorie diet.

Of course if you want to boost weight loss even further, and maybe want to boost your overall fitness levels at the same time, then one of the other activities will obviously help you even more.

That’s because you can expect to burn off an average of 420 calories by cycling for an hour, 490 calories if you jog for the same amount of time, and 560 calories if you go for a run at a fairly brisk pace.

If you want to take things even further, then you might want to consider circuit training or aerobics classes because these are said to be even more intense (burning off 565 and 600 calories respectively), or even karate or kickboxing, which are said to burn around 705 calories per hour.

Finally, although not listed in this infographic, you might also want to consider taking up spinning, either at home or as part of a spinning class, because from my own personal experience a 1-hour workout can help you burn in excess of 700 calories.

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