5 Ways To Reduce Boredom When Using An Exercise Bike

5 Ways To Reduce Boredom When Using An Exercise BikeMany people are drawn to the idea of buying an exercise bike and working out at home, but these same people will quickly discover just how boring is can be pedalling away for 25-30 minutes or more on one of these machines.

Exercise bike workouts are great for toning and weight loss, and will really help improve your fitness levels, but they can get quite monotonous after a while. So in this article I thought it would be a good idea to discuss five different ways you can eliminate some of this boredom when working out.

1. Put some music on

One of the most obvious ways to reduce boredom is to listen to some music whilst working out. You can listen to whatever you want, but in my experience it’s best to put on some high-tempo dance music if possible because this tends to subconsciously make you work harder and cycle slightly faster than you would normally, and seems to make the time pass faster as well.

2. Watch TV

If you have your own exercise bike at home, then you have the option of watching television at the same time. This is another way of making the time pass faster and can also give you the chance to catch up on all of your favorite shows if you don’t have a lot of spare time.

3. Read a book or magazine

Whilst many exercise bikes now come with their own reading racks / media trays, I don’t particularly like reading whilst using an exercise bike because it’s hard to really concentrate when you are frantically pedalling away at full speed. Plus of course you don’t really want to be dripping sweat all over your book, magazine or Kindle. However this is another way to reduce boredom.

4. Set yourself targets

One way to stay focused and motivated, thereby eliminating much of the boredom, is to set yourself challenging workouts throughout your workout. I myself do this by setting myself certain times that I have to try and beat every kilometer, as well as an end time that I have to beat once I have completed my workout, and this seems to work pretty well.

5. Switch to a spinning bike

There’s nothing wrong with a traditional upright stationary bike. I’ve been using one at home since the age of about 17. However if you want to switch things up a little bit and make your workouts a lot more interesting, you might want to think about swapping your traditional bike for a spinning bike because spinning workouts mimic the feel of outdoor cycling and give you the opportunity to perform a range of different spinning workouts in both seated and standing positions. These are a lot more intense, but will certainly add a lot more variety to your workouts.

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