Are Rowing Machines A Good Investment?

It is now possible to buy all kinds of different fitness equipment for your home, whether it’s a simple exercise bike, a set of dumbbells or a fully functional home gym, for instance.

So with so many different products to choose from, is it still worth investing in a rowing machine?

Well I own one of these machines myself and wouldn’t be without it in all honesty. I originally wanted to buy a Water Rower, but as they were a little out of my budget, I ended up buying a Stamina Air Rower from Walmart for around $300 because it was named by this site as one of the best rowing machines you can buy.

This particular rowing machine provides a really good full-body workout, and you can really feel it in your muscles after you have finished each workout session.

I have found this rower be very quiet when I am blasting out a workout, which my family certainly appreciates, and I have also found it to be really smooth as well, with the seat sliding effortlessly along the rail.

This Stamina rower uses wind resistance to control the intensity, and for such a low priced machine, has a pretty good computer monitor at the front to display key statistics about your workout.

If you are going to buy a rowing machine for your home, it’s best to buy one that can be folded away, otherwise it will take up quite a bit of room, and thankfully this one can be folded away fairly easily.

So the point is that the Stamina Air Rower has, for me, proven to be a good investment because it has improved my overall fitness levels, increased my strength to some extent, and toned up many different muscle groups.

If you are on a tight budget, I would certainly recommend this particular rowing machine, but if you have $1000 or more to spend on an indoor rower, then I would suggest that you consider buying either a Water Rower (like the one below) or the Model D or Model E rower from the Concept 2 range.

Water Rower Demonstration

I have used all three of these machines and was amazed at the quality of each one and the smoothness of the rowing action. In the case of the Water Rower I absolutely loved the noise that it made because it sounded just like you were rowing on water thanks to the water tank at the front that controls the resistance.

Nevertheless you can enjoy all of the fitness and toning benefits of rowing whatever one you buy. Even a super cheap hydraulic rower can give you a decent workout (although don’t expect them to last that long).

So I suggest that you get yourself online and buy one of these rowing machines if you want to lose weight or get fit, or drag yourself along to your local gym and use one of theirs because they are very effective.

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